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2.2 Entry Regulations
The following shall be eligible for admission into the Masters programmes in the School of Economics:
2.2.1 A holder of at least an Upper Second Class Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, Economics and Statistics or Economics and Finance from Kenyatta University or any other recognized Institution of comparable status.
2.1.2 A holder of a Lower Second Class degree in the stated disciplines from Kenyatta University or any other recognized university with two (2) years relevant experience.

2.3 Pattern of the Programmes
2.3.1 The Masters programmes will consist of coursework, examination and research project.
2.3.2 The programmes will be offered in two modules, full-time and evening with students in both modes being required to take at least a total of sixteen (16) units by the end of the programme.
(a) In the first year of study, a student will be required to take eight (8) units: four (4) units in the first semester, and four (4) in the second.
(b) During the second year of study, a student will be required to take four (4) units in the first semester and undertake a research project in the second semester. The research project shall be equivalent to four (4) unit

2.2.1 The duration of the programmes shall be a minimum of eighteen (18) months from the date of registration.
2.2.5 At the end of the programme a student will be required to have specialized in one of the following:
c.Environmental Economics
d.Financial Economics
e.Development Economics
f.conomic Policy and Management
g.Health Economics
h.International Economics
i. Agricultural Economics

1.3 Examinations
1.3.1 University examination regulations shall apply.
1.3.2 University examinations shall be given at the end of each semester and shall contribute 70 percent of the total marks: continuous assessment shall constitute the remaining 30 percent.
1.3.3 For the purposes of evaluation, a research project shall be regarded as equivalent to four (4) units and shall be examined at the end of the academic year.
1.3.4 The duration for the University examination shall be three (3) hours per unit.
1.3.5 The minimum pass mark for each unit shall be 50%.
1.3.6 A candidate who fails to satisfy requirement (2.3.5) above may be permitted on the recommendation of the Board of Examiners and with the approval of the Senate to take supplementary examinations in the failed units up to a maximum of two units in any year. The maximum mark attainable in each unit examined in supplementary examination shall be 50%.
1.3.7 A candidate who fails to satisfy the examiners in supplementary examination shall be discontinued.
1.3.8 A candidate shall not be allowed to undertake project work prior to passing supplementary examination if any.
1.3.9 A candidate who fails more than two units in the ordinary University examinations in any one year shall be discontinued

Structure of the Master Degrees in Economics
Candidates pursuing a master degree in economics will be expected to take all core units that are offered in their particular areas of specialization in the first and second years of study.
In the second year of study, candidates shall choose at least one (1) elective.
The maximum number of units per semester that candidates shall be allowed to take is five (5).