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Course Structure
First Year
Core Units
EET 500 Microeconomic Theory I
EET 501 Macroeconomic Theory I
EET 502 Microeconomic Theory II (Prerequisite: ETH 500)
EET 503 Macroeconomic Theory II (Prerequisite: ETH 501)
EES 500 Econometrics I
EES 501 Econometrics II (Prerequisite: EES 500)
EET 504 Development Theories and Strategies
EAE 500 Project Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation

Second Year
Core Units
EAE 501 Economic Research Methodology
EAE 518 Growth, Poverty Reduction and the Environment
EAE 522 International Trade, Aid and Finance
EAE 544 Research Project (Equivalent to four units)

One unit to be selected from the pool of electives (Excluding EAE 504 and EAE 513).