Bachelor of Economics and Finance

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Entry Requirements
a.The minimum requirements for entry into the university shall apply.
b.The common regulations for entry into the School of Economics shall apply.

Course structure
First Year
Core Units
UCU 100 Communication Skills
UCU 101 Development Studies
UCU 103 Introduction to Critical and Creative Thinking
UCU 104 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
EAE 100 Introduction to Information Technology
EES 100 Mathematics for Economists I
EET 100 Microeconomic Theory I
EET 101 Macroeconomic Theory I
BAC 100 Fundamentals of Accounting I
BAC 101 Fundamentals of Accounting II
BBA 101 Business Law 1
BBA 102 Principles of Management
BMS 101 Introduction to Insurance

Second Year
Core Units
EET 200 Microeconomic Theory II (Prerequisite: EET 100)
EET 201 Macroeconomic Theory II (Prerequisite: EET 101)
EES 200 Mathematics for Economists II (Prerequisite: EES 100)
EES 202 Statistics for Economists I
EES 201 Mathematics for Economists III (Prerequisite: EES 200)
EAE 201 Taxation Economics and Policy
EAE 202 Financial Instruments and Risk Management
EAE 204 Economic Development
BAC 200 Accounting for Assets
BAC 201 Accounting for Liabilities and Equities
BAC 203 Business Finance I
BAC 204 Business Finance II (Prerequisite: BAC 203)

Third Year
Core Units
EAE 300 Research Methods
EAE 302 Public Finance
EET 300 Microeconomic Theory III (Prerequisite: EET 200)
EET 301 Macroeconomic Theory III (Prerequisite: EET 201)
EET 302 Microeconomic Theory IV (Prerequisite: EET 300)
EET 303 Macroeconomics Theory IV (Prerequisite: EET 301)
EES 300 Statistics for Economists II (Prerequisite: EES 202)
BBA 302 Business Law II (Prerequisite: BBA 101)

EAE 303 Managerial Economics
EAE 307 International Economics I
EAE 308 International Economics II (Prerequisite EAE 307)
EAE 309 Financial Economics
EAE 311 Economic History
EAE 312 Comparative Economic Systems
EES 301 Operation Research I
EAE 310 Economics of Money and Banking
BAC 303 Principles of Auditing (prerequisites: BAC 200 and BAC 201)
BAC 305 Public Sector Financial Management
BAC 306 Financial Markets and Institutions
BMS 300 Systems Analysis and Design

Fourth Year
Core Units
EAE 410 Monetary Theory and Policy
EAE 411 Project (Equivalent to one unit)
EET 402 Theory of Finance
BAC 406 International Financial Management (prerequisite: BAC 204)
BAC 407 Financial Statement Analysis (prerequisite: BAC 200 and BAC 201)
BBA 400 Business Policy and Decisions

EAE 401 Project Appraisal
EAE 404 Economics of Public Enterprises
EAE 408 Economics of Industry
EES 400 Advanced Economic Statistics
EES 402 Operations Research II (Prerequisite EES 301)
EES 405 Economic Modelling and Computer Simulation
EET 400 History of Economic Thought I
EET 401 History of Economic Thought II (Prerequisite: EET 400)
BAC 412 Entrepreneurial Finance
BAC 416 Applied Investment

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