Dr. Njaramba Jennifer Gathoni

Title/Qualifications: Dr
Department/Unit/Section: Econometrics and Statistics
Contact Address: BOX 274, Kalimoni
Position: Lecturer
Area of Specialization: Economics
Research Interests: Agricultural Economics, Health Economics, Education and Environmental Issues
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Publications and Conference Papers.

  • Njaramba J G (2013). “Soil Enhancement Techniques: Evidence from Central Kenya & rdquo;. A paper presented in Asia Pacific Symposium held on 2nd – 4th December 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Njaramba J G (2011). “Growth and Structure of Organic Agriculture in Kenya since Early 1980s & rdquo; Unpublished PhD Thesis. Jawaharlal Nehru University, India.
  • Njaramba J G (2011). “Role of Information in the Adoption of Soil Enhancement Techniques: Evidence from Central Province in Kenya & rdquo;. A paper presented in African Growth Initiative Forum held on 19th- 20th February 2011 in Brookings Institution in Washington DC, USA
  • Njaramba J G (2005). “Adoption of Organic Agriculture in Central Province & rdquo;. Paper presented in Regional Methodological Workshop on Social Sciences in Africa – Fields and Theories of Qualitative Investigation held in Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Njaramba J G (2004). “Analysis of the Performance of Kenya ’s Pyrethrum Industry& rdquo;. Paper presented in ATWS – Kenya Chapter Conference in Baraton University, Eldoret. Kenya.
  • Njaramba J G (2004). “Towards Policies on Environmental Friendly Agricultural Systems in Kenya & rdquo;. In Keraka M N. and Akunga D N (Eds).Status of Environmental Health Education in the Eastern Africa Region: opportunities, challenges and the way forward. Unicef, Unesco, IFRA and Kenyatta University. pp 184-188.
  • Njaramba J G (2003). “Analysis of Disparities Existing In Kenyas Crop Sub-Sector & rdquo;. In Momanyi, C. and Wawire N. H. W (Eds) Disparities in Developing Countries: Types, Challenges and the Way Forward. Vol. 1 Disparities in Social Sciences, Politics and Gender. Association of Third World Studies- Kenya Pp. 83 -93

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