Dr. Martin Wanaina

Position: Lecturer
Department: Economic Theory
Contact Address: P.O. Box 43844 , 00100 Nairobi
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Dr. Wainaina lectures at the School of Economics, Kenyatta University. He is a holder of Ph.D in Economics from Kenyatta Univesity. He is also a holder of an MA (Economics) and B.Ed (Economics and Mathematics) from Kenyatta University. His research interests revolve around the economics of information and telecommunications industry. Dr. Wainaina is also the Examination Coordinator of the Department of Economic Theory.

Selected publications

  1. Wainaina, M.C., (2003) Determinant of demand for the choice of Mobile Telephone, Unpublished Masters Thesis-Kenyatta University


  1. Leadership Training Course- Organized by Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT)- including population education, HIV/Aids, Family Life Education,Leadership qualities and skills, conflict resolution, Gender and development, Democracy and trade union rights, programme planning and management
  2. Programme Evaluation Course - facilitated by PREMESE consultants and organized by Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT)
  3. Problem Solving in Mathematics Course , organized by the Kenya Institute of Education (KIE)
  4. Fully trained teacher and experienced in facilitation and capacity building of others
  5. Trainer of trainers for electoral commission of Kenya

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