Research Publications


Date issued
1997 Public Health Sector Efficiency in Kenya; Estimation and Policy implications. IPAR Discussion Paper Korir,J.K., et-al
1996 Interventionist Policies: Are they to blame for Africa's Capacity Building Problems.   Kuuya, P.M.
1994 An Assessment of Tax Revenue Performance in Kenya   Wawire N.H.W.
1994 Structural Adjustment Programmes, Growth and Poverty Eradication: A new Start for Kenya   Kuuya, P.M.
1993 Industrial Organization of Vegetable Oils Sector in Kenya. IDRC Report. Nairobi, Kenya.   Bwisa H, Wawire N. H. W, Ouma S A, and Chemiron J
1988 Education for Responsibility   Wawire N.H.W.
1980 Import Substitution as a strategy of Industrial Development: The Tanzanian Case   Kuuya, P.M.
1978 "Local effort towards self- reliance in manpower development: Research in Perspective   Kuuya, P.M.
1977 Transfer of Technology: An Overview of the Tanzania Case. African Development Quarterly Journal, Volume II, No. 2 Kuuya, P.M.
1975 Inflation: Tanzania's Dilema   Kuuya, P.M.

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