Research Publications


Date issued
1997 Public Health Sector Efficiency in Kenya; Estimation and Policy implications. IPAR Discussion Paper Korir,J.K., et-al
1996 Interventionist Policies: Are they to blame for Africa's Capacity Building Problems.   Kuuya, P.M.
1994 An Assessment of Tax Revenue Performance in Kenya   Wawire N.H.W.
1994 Structural Adjustment Programmes, Growth and Poverty Eradication: A new Start for Kenya   Kuuya, P.M.
1993 Industrial Organization of Vegetable Oils Sector in Kenya. IDRC Report. Nairobi, Kenya.   Bwisa H, Wawire N. H. W, Ouma S A, and Chemiron J
1988 Education for Responsibility   Wawire N.H.W.
1980 Import Substitution as a strategy of Industrial Development: The Tanzanian Case   Kuuya, P.M.
1978 "Local effort towards self- reliance in manpower development: Research in Perspective   Kuuya, P.M.
1977 Transfer of Technology: An Overview of the Tanzania Case. African Development Quarterly Journal, Volume II, No. 2 Kuuya, P.M.
1975 Inflation: Tanzania's Dilema   Kuuya, P.M.
Date issued
2013 The impact of public expenditure components on economic growth in Kenya, 1964-2011 International Journal of Business and Social Science,Vol. 4, No. 4, pp.233-253.

Muthui, J.M., Kosimbei, G., Maingi, J., Thuku, G.K.

2013 Intermediation efficiency and productivity of commercial banks in Kenya: A Data Envelopment and Malmquist Productivity Index Analysis Economics and Finance Review, Vol. 3 No. 1, pp.01-13. Nasieku, T., Kosimbei, G., Obwogi, J.
2012 The choice of Optimal Monetary Policy Instrument for Kenya International Journal of Economics and Management Sciences, Vol. 1, No. 9, 2012.pp 01-23. Gichuki, J., Oduor, J., Kosimbei, G.
2012 The Relationship between Commercial Energy Consumption and Gross Domestic Income in Kenya Journal of Development Areas, Vol 46 No. 1 Spring 2012 Onuonga, S.M.O
2012 Consumers Satisfaction in the Energy Sector in Kenya Energy Policy, Vol. 48: pp. 702-10 Mutua, J.M, Ngui, D.M, Osiolo, H., Aligula, E. and Gachanja, E
2012 Firm Efficiency Differences and Distribution in the Kenyan Manufacturing Sector African Development Review, Vol. 24: 1, pp. 52-66 Ngui-Muchai, D.M. and Muniu, J.M.
2011 Role of Information in the Adoption of Soil Enhancement Techniques: Evidence from Central Province in Kenya A paper presented in African Growth Initiative Forum held on 19th- 20th February 2011 in Brookings Institution in Washington DC, USA. Njaramba, J.G.
2011 Household Energy Demand in Kenya: An Application of Linear Approximate Almost Ideal Demand System (LA-AIDS) Energy Policy, Vol. 39(2011): pp. 7084 -7094 Ngui, D.M., Mutua, J.M, Osiolo, H. and Aligula, E
2011 Demand for Energy in the Kenya manufacturing sector Journal of Energy and Development, Vol. 34, no2, pp 265-274 Onuonga, S.M, Etyang, M., Mwabu, G
2011 Emiprical Analysis of Determinants of Demand for Family Planning Services in Kenya’s City Slums Global Journal of Health Science, Vol. 3, No. 2 Okech T.C., Wawire, W. N. and Mburu, T. K.
2011 Efficiency of financial market intermediation in Kenya: A comparative analysis. Journal of Policy Modeling, Vol. 33(2), pages 226-240, Oduor J., S. Karingi and S. Mwaura
2011 Contraceptive use among women of reproductive age in Kenya's city slums. International Journal of Business and Social Science, Vol. 2 No. 1, pp. 22 - 43 Okech, C. T, Wawire, N. H. W., Mburu T. K.
2011 The Management of Adult Education in Africa. In the African Perspective on Adult Learning series. Pearson, South Africa.   Wawire, N. H. W., Nafukho, F. M and Mungania, P.
2011 Do clinical guidelines reduce clinician dependent costs.

Journal of Health Research Policy and Systems Vol. 9 Issue 1 No. 24

Kosimbei, G., Hanson, K., English, M

2010 Factors Affecting the Management of Women Groups' Micro and Small Enterprises in Kakamega District, Kenya. Journal of European Industrial Training, pp. 128 - 152. Wawire, N. H. W. and Nafukho, F. M.
2010 The Dynamics and Trends of Employment in Kenya. IEA Research Paper Series, No. 1/2010, Nairobi: Institute of Economic Affairs. Omolo, O.J.
2010 Are Factor Restrictions Appropriate in Growth Accounting Estimations? Economic Modeling, Vol. 27, Issue 2, pp 595-604. Oduor J.
2010 Trade Policy-Making in a Domestic Setting: The Role of Stakeholders in Regional and Multilateral Negotiations   Ngéthe, N. and Omolo, O.J
2009 The Viability of Increasing Minimum Wages in Kenya in 2009 IPAR Discussion Paper Series, No. 110/2009, Nairobi. Omolo, O.J, Akoten, J.E and Oyugi, L.N
2008 Determinants of Adoption of Organic manures in Urban Vegetable Production. A Case Study of Migori Municipality. International Journal of Afro-Asian Studies (IJAAS): Vol. 1: Spring (pg. 53-64) Onono, P.A, M.J.W. Wesonga dn A. J, Obere



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