Research Publications


Date issued
2008 Incentives for health worker retention in Kenya: An assessment of current practice   Ndetei, DM, Khasakhala L, Omolo, JO
2008 Determinants of Adoption of Organic Farming by Maize Farmers in Meru South District. International Journal of Afro-Asian Studies. Volume 1 Number 1:Spring :108 - 118 Wawire, N. H. W. Mwathia.P Omuonga. S.M
2007 Impact of minimum wages on formal employment in Kenya. Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis (KIPPRA) Discussion paper Number 67 (ISBN 9966777 15 6) Manda, D.K., Kosimbei, G., Wanjala
2006 Institutional Realignment for Poverty Eradication In Africa: The Role of Universities.   Emmanuel Okoth Manyasa
2006 Investment in Human Capital through Institutions of Higher Education for the revival of Kenya's economy   Wawire N. H. W and Nafukho F. M
2006 Financing of secondary education in Kenya: costs and options. KIPPRA Discussion Paper Number 55 (ISBN 9966 949 99 2). Onsomu, E., Muthaka, D., Ngware, M., Kosimbei, G.
2006 Impact of gender and socio- economic factors on primary education performance in Kenya: An empirical analysis. KIPPRA Discussion Paper Number 56 (ISBN 9966949 96 8) Onsomu, E., Kosimbei, G., Ngware, M.
2005 Ethnicity: Opportunity or the Bane in Africa's Development.   Emmanuel Okoth Manyasa
2005 Child healthcare seeking behaviour in Kenya. KIPPRA Discussion paper Number 50 (ISBN 9966 949 96 8). Kosimbei, G.
2004 Agriculture production subsidies in developed countries, which way out for developing countries, In Disparities in developing countries: types, challenges and the way forward, Association of Third World Studies- Kenya chapter Volume 1 (ISBN 9966 9969 18). Gachanja, P., Kosimbei, G.



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